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About Gary About Gary - Resume, email, selected bits of history like the following

My Resume My resume - includes possibly interesting links - MS Word version

ihnp4 email history ihnp4 email history - email/news pony express days

Valedictory speech Valedictory speech - Downers Grove South class of 1976
About NoBell About NoBell - commemorative Bell Labs and Bell System comments and nostalgia

Bell Labs - The Wisdom Business The Wisdom Business - image "After all this is Bell Laboratories - The Wisdom Business"

The Day Bell System Died The Day Bell System Died - requiem for "Ma Bell"

The Day That Bell Labs Died The Day That Bell Labs Died - requiem for "Bell Labs"

Memorial to the Bell System A Memorial to the Bell System - link
911 911 - remember September 11, 2001

America: The Good Neighbor America: The Good Neighbor - a tribute to the United States of America

Billy Graham's Message Billy Graham's Message - National Day of Prayer and Remembrance - 14 September 2001 - link
AT&T career related pages AT&T career related pages

Business Cards
AT&T Business Cards - my business cards collected over the years from various office locations

Peter t-shirt icon
shirts - AT&T related shirts from projects over the years, etc.

SoundFont Trademark Check
SoundFont® Trademark - certified check of $1 to E-Mu Systems so that SoundFont® could be trademarked

AT&T FMP Hatchet FMP - Force Management Program - AT&T Layoff page

digitalphono digitalphono - our AAC research site with lots of music from independent artists and labels - link

a2bmusic a2bmusic - our AAC site with promotions from major recording artists and labels - link (discontinued)

AT&T Sound Science AT&T Sound Science - archive of glossy web pages for our audio work.  This archive has some broken links

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - AT&T info page

Rolling Stones covers tour Rolling Stone covers tour

Audio Innovation including AAC/PAC Audio Innovation including AAC/PAC

AT&T Sound Science Timeline AT&T Sound Science Timeline
TV icon Digital TV - DTV notes, includes mathematical comparison of NTSC 4:3 versus HDTV 16:9 aspect ratios
HDTV Aspect HDTV versus SDTV(NTSC) Screen Size - includes diagram of aspect ratios, scale factors, conversion graph, advocacy for HDTV
Digital TV Selected DTV/HDTV Products and Notes - includes 2003 survey of selected Digital TVs with RGBHV
Homenet icon Home Networking and Digital Audio - technologies, how to wire your home, power consumption, gear, links

Home Wiring Home Wiring - how to wire your home network, includes parts list and Home Depot prices.
Internet Music Overview/Guide Internet Music Overview/Guide - MPEG-2 AAC compression, (p)(c), online content, many links

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - sponsored by AT&T includes huge AAC computerized juke box - direct link
Linux Notes Linux Notes - the following, plus RedHat installation, X/DRI/X-Video/V4L, multimedia, pitfalls, kernel, benchmark, and misc. notes

Linux IDE-RAID Notes Linux IDE-RAID Notes - How to make an inexpensive terabyte RAID from IDE drives, includes performance measurement

IDE Hard Drives IDE Hard Drives - Table of current IDE hard drives of capacity greater than 40MB.

Linux Gateway Notes Linux Gateway Notes - home gateway configuration, DNS/DDNS, noip, NAT firewall, email, NIS, httpd, etc.

X Windows Notes Linux X Notes - DRI (Direct Rendering Infrastructure), X-Video, V4L Notes
Misc. Miscellaneous - miscellaneous pages - selected digicams circa spring 2002
st61g4 thumbnail PC/XPC Notes - Home Theater, Wallpaper, and Small Form Factor PC
HDTV HTPC HDTV HTPC - record and playback HDTV with DVICO FusionHDTVII tuner card
Video Aspect Video Display Resolutions and Aspect Ratios versus Wallpaper - includes survey, trends, graph, and wallpaper notes

sn41g2 thumbnail Shuttle SN41G2 with ATI AIW 9800 Pro - Small Form Factor
photos Photos - photo albums of family, friends, church, Young Life, etc. - please email if you have any comments
photos Photography Notes - Canon EOS 20D digital camera
EF Lenses Canon EOS Lens Notes - lens notes and database for Canon EOS 20D and other EOS cameras
EF Spotting Scope EF Spotting Scope - how to turn your Canon EF lens into a spotting scope
EOS Extendable Remote Shutter Release EOS Extendable Remote Shutter Release - make an extendable remote shutter release for your Canon EOS 5D/20D/30D/40D
Portfolio Portfolio - selected digital audio jobs and/or graphic designs

AWS icon Skarven Enterprises, LLC - logo design series [2003]

VBS icon PCNP VBS 2002 - photos in the Independent Press [2002]

FileMaker Pro 5.5 CD cover FileMaker Pro 5.5 CD cover - test project to check out Photoshop 7 [2002]

PCNP Water PCNP Water - free water for Memorial Day Random Acts of Kindness [2002]

Kevin Russo Airshows Kevin Russo Airshows - custom CDs/CCs, digital audio mixing, covers, labels [2002]

PAC logo PAC logo - graphic design [c. 1996]

Euphony chip logos Euphony chip logos - graphic designs [c. 1996]

XUNET logo XUNET logo - graphic design series [c. 1988]

Foster Foster House t-shirt - graphic design [c. 1977-1979]
Windows Notes Windows Notes - recommended installation recipe and checklist

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