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Photo of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Pete Townshend's Guitar.
Pete Townshend's Guitar.
  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (RRHOF+M), located in Cleveland, Ohio, is the world's largest single repository of rock history memorabilia and artifacts. Each year, worthy musicians and important musical figures are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Visitors can hear their work, see their instruments, and experience a variety of special exhibits and displays.

  AT&T, long regarded as the world's leader in sound quality breakthroughs, has put that expertise to work for the RRHOF+M. As a founding sponsor of the Hall, which opened in 1995, AT&T has contributed funding and technical assistance to the attraction to present the colorful and multi-sensory history of rock music.

A Massive Virtual Library of Songs

  AT&T is the sponsor of the new, expanded Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which opened April 2, 1998. A gala celebration at the ribbon cutting included a laser light show and a live concert by Bo Diddley. The new Hall offers exciting multimedia experiences that chronicle the history of rock music. There are new artifact exhibits, and a dynamic film celebrating past inductees — projected on three 20-foot tall screens.

Jimi's Cool Jacket.
Jimi Hendrix's Multicolored Jacket

  The new Hall of Fame also features what is likely the world's most comprehensive jukebox: a computerized kiosk at which visitors can listen to virtually any song ever recorded by the Hall of Fame inductees. This astounding 27,000 song database was made possible through cutting-edge data compression technology created by AT&T. A timeline of innovations in sound technology is also part of the exhibit.

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