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Rolling Stone Covers Tour.

Rolling Stone's 30th Anniversary Covers Tour was presented by AT&T in partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum.
Rolling Stone Covers Tour.

   Rolling Stone has been part of the rock and roll landscape since the magazine was first published 30 years ago. In celebration, AT&T sponsored a nationwide college tour of the magazine's covers and collection of historical rock artifacts. It kicked off in January 1998 with a gala New York City launch, attended by rock luminaries — from Carlos Santana to the original members of Fleetwood Mac. A portable gallery structure traveled to over twenty leading universities, from Florida to California, surviving hail storms, Spring Break, and the occasional odd-shaped exhibit space.

The covers, the artifacts

  From Bob Dylan to Kurt Cobain, the tour exhibited magazine covers from the past 30 years, featuring individuals who have help define music and pop culture. The tour featured artifacts on loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum — such as a Pete Townshend guitar — as well as correspondence and photos from Jann Wenner's personal collection

Michigan Student Union.
Message Board.

On the Rock History trail

  As the Covers Tour zig-zagged back and forth across the United States, intrepid young rock reporter Jeff Van Fossan sent us regular trip reports investigating the college music scene. Sure, we kept him busy promoting the exhibits ... but Jeff always found time to check out the local club scene, or peruse the used CD bins.

And don't forget to visit the Rolling Stone magazine website.

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