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lenses for Canon EOS Canon EOS Lens Notes - lens notes and database for Canon EOS 20D and other EOS cameras
EF Spotting Scope EF Spotting Scope - hot to turn your Canon EF lens into a spotting scope
EOS Extendable Remote Shutter Release EOS Extendable Remote Shutter Release - make an extendable remote shutter release for your Canon EOS 5D/20D/30D/40D
OM on EOS Olympus OM lenses for Canon EOS - great affordable Zuiko alternative lenses, adjust your adapter to fit
lenses for Canon EOS Old FD mirror lens - new digital life? - Sigma 600mm f/8 mirror FD mount on Canon EOS 20D

Canon EOS 20D digital camera notes

Distance Data - With lenses that report distance data, the camera may use this info for E-TTL II flash exposure. The 20D does not record distance data in the EXIF data. The reason is not known, maybe Canon will change this in the future with a firmware upgrade.

To set the owners name on a Mac:

  1. camera menu > Communication : Normal
  2. connect USB cable and close iPhoto or Image Capture if neccessary
  3. run EOS Viewer Utility, menu > Option > Camera Settings ...
    fill in Owner's name, click OK
  4. camera menu > Communication : PTP - for communication with iPhoto or Image Capture
The owner's name will be embedded in the EXIF for a photo. It does not appear to be visible elsewhere except via the EOS Viewer Utility. I added my phone number in case the camera is found by some kind and conscientious person.
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