Linux Notes

These notes are selected for public reference.
Fedora 10 Installation Notes - Recent recommended Linux Release
Linux IDE-RAID Notes - How to make an inexpensive terabyte RAID from IDE drives, includes preliminary performance measurements
IDE Hard Drives - Table of current IDE hard drives of capacity 60GB or greater.
Linux Gateway Notes - home gateway configuration, DNS/DDNS, noip, NAT firewall, email, NIS, httpd, etc.
RedHat - RedHat 7.2 Linux Distribution Installation Notes
Linux Kernel Notes - Configuring, making, and installing new kernels, compatible with RedHat 7.2
Linux X Notes - Notes on configuring X windows with  DRI (Direct Rendering Infrastructure).
Linux Multimedia Notes - OSS, GATOS (ATI-TV), LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control), xmms
Linux Bugs - Important known bugs and fixes.
Linux Pitfalls - Some "common" confusing errors that I keep on forgetting and re-discovering.
Linux Benchmark Notes - Some CPU benchmarks
Linux Miscellaneous Notes - Cloning bootable system disks

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