Linux Multimedia Notes

# umask 002    # important!  gcc fails when /usr/local/include is drwxr-x---


/etc/security/console-perms - man console.perms

Linux X Notes

See above link for X, DRI, X-Video, V4L, current GATOS ati.2 for ATI display cards

Heroine Virtual

Broadcast 2000
MPEG-2 Movie
    after unpacking, see docs/index.html
Quicktime for Linux
    after unpacking, see docs/index.html


Linux Infrared Remote Control
Animax - Anir Multimedia Magic receiver and remote control
# cd /usr/linux/lirc*
# make animax-com1    # plug Animax receiver into top DB9 marked 2
# make testdriver
# make install
# cp remotes/animax/lircd.conf.animax /etc/lircd.conf
# cp remotes/animax/lircmd.conf.animax /etc/lircmd.conf
$ cd /usr/linux/lirc*
$ cp examples/lircrc ~/.lircrc
# cd /etc/rc.d/init.d; lircd start
$ irxevent &
XRaiseWindow(Display *display, Window w)
XSetInputFocus(Display *display, Window w, int revert_to, Time time)


Video For Linux

In progress

These notes are based on work by Jim Snyder.


The basic resource is:
but it's worth looking at this column before you start compiling:
I didn't find the build *quite* as difficult as Barr says it is, but then Barr includes some tips which moved me along quickly.

You should *definitely* read the installation section of
before you start building mplayer. (Don't say I didn't tell you.)

There are some non-mplayer-specific additions you might as well make before diving into mplayer.

  1. Add /usr/local/lib to /etc/, and run ldconfig. (You'll have to run ldconfig again later, so this is just for practice.)
  2. Download the libdvdcss and libdvdread tarballs from
    The mplayer documentation advises against using libdvdcss-0.1.0
  4. unpack, compile, and install libdvdcss. I used the following:
  5. ./configure --help
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-alsa
    make install
    You may want to root around in the source and/or make file so's to turn off debugging information, the threshold for which seems to be set rather low.
  6. unpack compile, and install libdvdread. I used the following:
  7. ./configure --help
    make install
  8. run ldconfig
  9. create /dev/dvd, for example by linking it to a /dev/hd*. On my system, the dvdrom is /dev/hdb, so:
  10. ln /dev/hdb /dev/dvd
Now for mplayer:


The basic resource is:
You may need to look under export modules; I found that I had to pick up the module before transcode would generate divx binaries. There was no install script in the opendivx/Project Mayo linux download, so I copied the libs to /usr/local/lib, made appropriate links (to lib*.so) and ran ldconfig.

See the "options" and "examples" section for usage.

On mdk81 the library wasn't linked to; you'll need to make the link by hand before transcode will compile.

Currently mplayer won't play video for the divx files I've generated with transcode. However mplayer doesn't choke on the transcode bit stream, and plays audio.


xine is a free gpl-licensed video player for unix-like systems


stable versions included in RedHat 7.2


K desktop


AWE (Soundblaster AWE) APCI (Soundblaster PCI128) YMH (Yamaha XG)
    # # save sound.o
        # cd /lib/modules
        # find . -name sound.o -print | cpio -pdumv /usr/linux/lib/modules
        # find . -name sound.o -exec rm {} \;
    # cd /usr/linux/opt/osslinux...
        osslinux392j-glibc-227-UP # for RedHat 6.0 UP
        osslinux392n-glibc-229-SMP # for RedHat 6.0 SMP
    # umask 002
    # ./oss-install
        Install OSS files into: /usr/lib/oss
        to uninstall: sh /usr/lib/oss/
    # cp /usr/linux/usr/lib/oss/license.mail /usr/lib/oss/
    # soundconf
    # for i in 3 4 5; do cd /etc/rc.d/rc${i}.d; ln -s ../init.d/oss S85oss; done
    # cd /dev; chmod a+rw audio dsp mixer


cross-platform GUI toolkit


"X MultiMedia System" WinAmp-style player



    General ATI TV and Overlay Software - ATI-TV for GNU/Linux
    # ln -s /usr/X11R6 /usr/X11 # link needed for RedHat 6.0
    $ cd /usr/linux/opt/ibtk*; ./configure; make
    # umask 002; cd /usr/linux/opt/ibtk*; make install
    $ cd /usr/linux/opt/gatos*; ./configure; make
    # umask 002; cd /usr/linux/opt/gatos*; make install
    # ed /etc/X11/XF86Config
Gatos 0.0.5
    # gatos-conf
Gatos 0.0.4
    # cp /usr/linux/usr/local/lib/gatos.conf /usr/local/lib; chmod a+r /usr/local/lib/gatos.conf
        buffermem 600
        format 1

    $ cp /usr/linux/usr/local/etc/gatosrc ~/.gatosrc
    $ xatitv - TV-in-a-window
    configuration is saved in $HOME/.gatosrc


    volume controls for soundcard
    left button bumps volume toward cursor position
    middle button (wheel) snaps/drags to cursor position
    cursor position determines left-or-right versus ganged control
    the buttons are record ON|OFF - ON is O| blue, OFF is <) green
    mute buttons are not available on xmixer, but OSS does support mute
    AAC is on PCM
    tv tuner is on line1

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