Fedora 10 Installation Notes


as root
# echo DISPLAYMANAGER=KDE > /etc/sysconfig/desktop
# telinit 3
# telinit 5
Session Type - KDE
F>System Settings>right-mouse-menu>Add to Panel Panel>
Panel>System Settings>Display>Size & Orientation>Size: 1280x1024
    For a new X-Windows session, the display size is not restored until the Display setting applet is reactivated, so try the following:

    Section "Monitor"

    Section "Screen"
       Monitor "Monitor0"
       SubSection "Display"
          Modes "1280x1024"

Add/Remove Software

Note: init-state 3 in /etc/inittab, followed by login as root, telinit 5, X-Windows login as user, causes the following console-authorization problems:
So leave init-state 5 in /etc/inittab, and use the install DVD to rescue by appending an init-state to the grub kernel line.
F>System Settings>Add and Remove Software>
install additional packages:
    ksh emacs lshw-gui thunderbird seamonkey rubygem-rails


# chsh -s /bin/ksh
F>System Settings>Date & Time> set date and time automatically - north-america.ntp.org
F>System Settings>About me

disable system beep:
rmmod pcspkr
echo "blacklist pcspkr" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

make /dev entries:
# cat /proc/partitions
major minor #blocks name

8 17 78148161 sdb1
# mknod /dev/sdb1 b 8 17

System Tools

System Monitor
    Edit>Worksheet Properties>Properties>Update interval: 5 sec

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