PCNP Water

May 27 2002 - Memorial Day

At the New Providence Memorial Day parade, we handed out 200 bottles of free water and a memorial message.  This outreach was sponsored by the church "session" leadership of the Presbyterian Church at New Providence , NJ.  Wayne Eggert specified the overall design that I executed using Photoshop.  The water bottle label is shown in the following image:

PCNP water bottle label

On the images below, click on an image below for a larger 100 DPI version, converted down from the 360 DPI originals.

PCNP Memorial Day flyer

We also handed out a flyer encouraging random acts of kindness.  The central poster image for the flyer is from www.actsofkindness.org and includes many suggestions for RandomActs of Kindness.

PCNP Water Bottle label sheet

The labels were printed 5 to a sheet with on full page label stock, and cut at the 2" cut marks.

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