Home Networking and Digital Audio

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Introduction, convergence and divergence, network appliances, controllers.

Network/Connection Technologies

Includes table of dimensions (speed, #devices, cable lengths) for network/connection technologies.

Home Wiring

How to wire your home, includes parts list and Home Depot prices.

Power Consumption

Measurements of AC power consumption to calculate the cost for running a home network and a wide spectrum of appliances.


Update of this information is sporadic, so some sections are out-of-date.

Recommended Gear

Handhelds & Accessories, Computer components, Monitor speakers, Networking, Storage, Accessories.

IDE Hard Drives

Table of current IDE hard drives of capacity greater than 40GB.

Selected Digital Audio Gear

Includes multi-channel, high-quality, digital interfaces, converters, sound cards, or other interesting devices.

Selected Wireless Pointer Gear

Includes inexpensive wireless input devices under evaluation.

Selected Links

This section has not been updated in some time.

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