Gary James Murakami, Ph.D.


55 Coddington Dr., New Providence, NJ 07974-1413



Extensive research and development experience as innovator, researcher, architect, designer, and builder of computer systems and applications, including a successful startup. Advocate of User-Experience Design (UXD), Agile and Lean development, Extreme Programming (XP), Test-Driven-Development (TDD), Pair-programming. Areas of expertise and interest include:

·       Web and mobile applications, graphical user interfaces, object-oriented systems and languages

·       High-performance computing, cloud computing, GPU computing, distributed systems, networking

·       Multimedia and real-time systems, audio, video, computer graphics. digital signal processing, music synthesis


Core proficiencies: Ruby/Rails(5yrs), JavaScript/jQuery/UI, HTML/CSS/XML/CGI, Apache, Hadoop (Cloudera Certified Developer), PostgreSQL, Eclipse & Rubymine IDEs, C/C++, Perl, Python; Linux/Unix/X, MacOS, iOS, Windows; Other: NVidia CUDA, Java, Clojure; DSP asm, Lex/YACC, Mathematica, Matlab, ML, Postscript, Smalltalk, TCL/Tk, etc.


2003-2012: Chief Software Interface Architect, Skarven Enterprises / Kestrel Enterprises, Inc., acquired in 2009 by Boeing Defense, Space and Security, Berkeley Heights, NJ

Chief Software Interface Architect at a startup with primary responsibility for user interfaces, techniques like drag-n-drop, technologies like Ruby on Rails and jQuery/UI, interfaces like JSON, best practices like Agile and Lean, XP

·       Architected, designed, and implemented the GUI for TAC, an analytical system for document search used by intelligence agencies for national security. Evolved GUI elements like hierarchical grid display, score dials, sparklines, and date-range histograms for data visualization with alerts for monitoring hits.

·       Initiated the web application for TAC using Ruby on Rails in 2007 and built the in-browser drag-n-drop functionality, both same-window and cross-window capability.  Converted same-window drag-n-drop to jQuery-UI and optimized it for large grids with a massive number of Draggables and Droppables.

·       Pioneered JSON for data transfer at major interfaces and client-side rendering using JavaScript

·       Protyped the presentation and integration of geographic data into TAC using Google maps

·       Researched TAC on iPad / touch devices and solved support for menus, drag-n-drop, and expand/shrink gestures

2002-2003: Senior Software Engineer, CSG Systems, New Providence, NJ

Ported Kenan Rating Server to Linux and mainframes with 10X optimization using profiling. Documented Prepaid Billing internal system design. Generalized loading of Oracle® tables using OCI for Inventory management.

1980-2002: Researcher / R&D Engineer – AT&T Labs Research, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Researcher / PMTS - Chief Scientist Lab, Shannon Lab, AT&T Labs, Florham Park, NJ: 1995-2002

Home Networking, Network Appliances, Consumer Electronics Research, Digital Audio, Advanced Audio Coding (MPEG-2 AAC), Perceptual Audio Coding (PAC)

·       Network appliances: Developed a home network jukebox for movies and music with both server and client function, worked on audio/video enpoints and StrongARM-based "Universal Communicator" tablet controllers.

·       AAC/PAC movie/music jukeboxes: Constructed terabyte Linux software IDE-RAID servers that demonstrate the popularity and potential for Internet Movies and Music via both streaming and download.

·       AAC Web sites: Created research site with lots of music from independent artists and labels. Consulted for commercial site that promotes major recording artists and labels.

·       AAC/PAC commercial product: Developed AAC/PAC research software into a quality commercial product for external customers, e.g., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (the world's largest (official) jukebox in 2001 with 25,000 AAC songs), Global Music Outlet, Netcast, APT.

·       AAC/PAC software base and decoder/player ports: Improved and maintained the software porting base, incorporated audio tools, and extended it to include all popular OS environments including Linux and MacOS.

·       AAC/PAC marketing support: Worked with many coworkers and customers and supported marketing efforts.

R&D Engineer / MTS – DSP Multimedia - AT&T Microelectronics, Murray Hill, NJ: 1993-1995

·       Developed the Muse sample-playback MIDI music synthesizer into a product for Visible Caching Operating System (VCOS) Multimedia on the AT&T DSP3210 Digital Signal Processor - sold in AT&T computers.

·       Collaborated with E-mu Systems, Inc. on Proteusä emulation and SoundFontä.

·       Counseled Carnegie-Mellon University on the AT&T VCOS.

Researcher / MTS – Computer Science Research – AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ: 1988-1993

·       Prototyped Muse, demonstrating real-time MIDI synthesis using Roland sound libraries (see sgroup archive).

·       Created MetaSynth music synthesizer using the ML programming language.

·       Consulted for DSP/Hobbit Working Group and XUNET, the Experimental University Network, Blanca gigabit testbed, National Research and Engineering Network (NREN).

·       Defined Archos network control computer architecture with Dr. Ravi Sethi, summer 1990

·       Examined XUNET control computer environment with Dr. A. G. Fraser, summer 1989

·       Researched terminal call processing in ESTEREL with Dr. Ravi Sethi, summer 1988

R&D Engineer, Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories: 1980-1986

Network/Datakit® Exploratory Development, Liberty Corner, NJ: 1985-1986

·       Transferred Datakit® research to development, designed and prototyped Radian VCS/ISN concentrator architecture, planned XUNET, defined Starnet call processing.

·       Chaired the AT&T Network Working Group (NWG). Coordinated conferences.

·       Prototyped adaptive routing, host software, network APIs, network services including corporate directories and UUCP connection service.  Datakit® consultant.

Networking Development, Indian Hill, Naperville, IL: 1980-1985

UNIX System Core Network (UNICORN), Bell Labs Network (BLN)/Terminal Design - Special Performance Award

·       Delivered Datakit® host (DKHOST) and Portable Distributed UNIX (PDU) software as systems engineer, developer, and release coordinator.

·       Consulted for UNIX Remote File Sharing, UUCP, network security, email, exptools.

·       Conceived Archimedes strategy for UNIX networking which developed into UNICORN, prototyped netdir Datakit® directory assistance, automated network mapping.

·       Collaborated on HoneyDanBer UUCP, standardized Datakit® VCS implementation, prototyped NSC HYPERchannel/NETEX using UNIX Transport Level Interface.

·       Managed electronic mail gateway ihnp4 as AT&T postmaster, pioneered Usenet/Netnews, coordinated AT&T for Usenix email/mapping project, ported sendmail to UNIX System V.

·       Founded AT&T-wide Action Central to coordinate email and network administration, including UNIX host registry with an estimated savings of $10,000,000 yearly to AT&T. Trained support staff.

·       Counseled UNIX Systems Subcommittee as networking and data communications representative, standardized BLN/Mail hardcopy delivery service

·       Served as project manager and primary developer for the Corporate Electronic Mail project and post corporate directory and email software, research technology transfer,.

·       Investigated network management services.

1987-1991: Research Assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Tapestry Laboratory for Parallel Systems Research, Dr. Roy Campbell, advisor

·       Investigated performance on XUNET and UIUC campus fiber network, advised NCSA.

·       Collaborated on the design of the CHOICES object-oriented distributed OS.

·       Designed the M4C++ music synthesis program and the Scherzo and Notepro music scoring languages, worked with Dr. James Beauchamp and the Computer Music Project.

1977-1980: Computer Research Assistant, Northwestern U., Evanston, IL

·       Worked on mini-computer workstation network, media management, interchange tape driver.

·       Implemented computer graphics CORE standard implementation.

·       Developed 4-voice real-time wave-table music synthesizer with volume/pitch envelopes.


2010 mini-masters User Experience Design, Rutgers University

1991 Ph.D.Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, honors: Phi Kappa Phi, dissertation: Non-blocking Packet Switching with Shift-Register Rings, advisor: Dr. Roy Campbell

1981 M.S.Computer Science, University of Southern California

1980 B.A.Computer Science/ Biology, Northwestern University


The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi; Valedictorian - Downers Grove C.H.S. South, Downers Grove, IL; National Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship Finalist; IEEE; ACM:SIGGRAPH; U.S. Naval Institute, Apple Developer


tennis, volleyball, music, choir, photography, graphic design, origami, sci-fi, soccer, cycling, softball, wrestling


System and Methods for Propagating Alerts Via a Hierarchy of Grids. United States Patent No. US 8,0999,681 B2 Jan. 17, 2012.  Inventors: William J. Flanagan, Larry D. Auton, Keith B. Bingaman, Chales Fleischman, Philip M. Ginsberg, Robert Hargis, Tom Lee, Gary J. Murakami, David A. Radi, Kenneth R. Rodeman, Gerald C. Vogel, David M. Weimer.


Gary J. Murakami. Tunes for Toontown: MIDI Synthesis for the VCOS Multimedia DSP Operating System. Proceedings of the DSPx'95 Conference & Exhibition, May 1995.


Gary J. Murakami and Ravi Sethi. Parallelism as a Structuring Technique: Call Processing using the Esterel Language.  Algorithms, Software, Architecture / J. van Leeuwen (editor), Information Processing 92, Vol. I. Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. (North-Holland). 1992 IFIP.


Gary J. Murakami. Non-blocking Packet Switching with Shift-register Rings.  University Microfilms International. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1991. Order number 9210928.


Gary J. Murakami and Roy H. Campbell and Michael Faiman. Pulsar: Non-blocking Packet Switching with Shift-register Rings.  Communications Architectures & Protocols, Computer Communications Review, Volume 20.4, pages 145-155, September 1990. SIGCOMM '90 Conference Proceedings.