Skarven Logos

July 2003

Skarven Enterprises, LLC has a built-in symbol - the skarven, also known outside Scandanavia as the cormorant.  Here are some designs that made it out of the sketchbook into computer readable form.  I hope that we can choose a better logo than that of our previous places of employment...

The obvious starting point is to export theme and variation combining the Skarven name and bird.  Click on any selected image for a larger version.
Skarven 0                Skarven 1
The left logo adds some wings to the "v".   This is not bad for an obvious starting point.  The right logo heads in the direction of turning the "v" into a skarven, along with a little depth.  The merits of this direction are debatable.

We needed an image to improve the appearance of the AWS left browser home page.
This design attempts to combine an "S" for Skarven and "W" for workstation.  Liberties taken include the length and shape of the Skarven's neck and the inversion of the wings.  The design reminds me of the very effective previous c.1964 crane-logo for Japan Airlines (JAL).  Recently, I also found that the top site has a logo with inverted wings.
swimming 0                swimming 1
The swimming skarven makes a reasonable "S."  The version on the right pushes the skarven further toward an "S," but too far in my opinion.
skarventerprise 1        
Here's a more stylized skarven.   Hmmm...  It reminds me of something familiar...  So is that where we got the name "Skarven Enterprises?"
shirt graphic        
The above is the current company logo, where the background is now a globe.   Thom Lee did the composite.
shirt graphic shirt graphic        
With text, and for the shirt, by Thom Lee.
AWS logo - Gary Murakami
More generic "AW" Analyst Workstation logo redesigned to remove the Skarven branding.
AWS logo - Thom Lee
More generic "AWS" Analyst Workstation logo by Thom Lee reincorporates the "S", currently in use.
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